This portal was developed to offer a list of businesses that deliver essential products at home in the Province of Arezzo during the corona virus emergency. The core idea of this initiative is to support and promote the many medium sized and small companies in our area who are working tirelessly to ensure a safe delivery service to their customers.

In order to defeat Covid 19, it is necessary to limit any movement to protect those who are immunosuppressed or elderly. It is necessary to reduce potential contagion by reducing travel as much as possible, even when purchasing primary goods, such as food and medicine.

This project is promoted by the Associazione culturale del Bangladesh (ACB) of Arezzo, a non-profit organization that has been working in the Arezzo area for years helping vulnerable and marginalized people, with the precious collaboration of Daniele Gelli – Gellus Solutions – who conceived and developed this portal.

In order to guarantee accessibility, the texts in the website are translated in Bengali and in English thanks to the contribution of Tito Anisuzzaman, President of ACB and Cesare Baccheschi and Giulia Perucchio, citizens of Arezzo and members of the same association.

The project has no commercial purpose and it has been developed through the voluntary work of our community members.

Those who are interested can independently register their business by clicking on the ADD YOUR COMPANY box on the Homepage and filling out the form.

Each citizen can consult the list of shops available in order to purchase products and schedule a delivery.

We will succeed only if united. We have the opportunity to find something good that perhaps was lost: solidarity between human beings.

There is no doubt, together we can make it.